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1x05: Hall of Fame

by ongiara
So damn beautiful and crisp...I love the way you can see his eyelashes and the border of his lips so well...I could stare at it for hours *g*

by lamis_p
Love the composition of it. Bloody!eyes OMG *_*

by lasamy 
oh I know this bitch *g* my friend chose this one...classic smartass Dean thinkin' about the second most important thing after the Metallicar and before women *pets him*

by  ellie_fo_20
oh so beautiful. Love the light texture that gives jesse's spirit or whatever it is a even more ethereal look. Great use of text too ;)

by raths_kitten
Oh Sammy. This icon is so simple and yet so beautiful, I really like the coloring...great crop too *_*

by deadwillwalk
ooooh I loooove B/W icons and this one is simply gorgeous.*stares* The texture and the tiny text are just perfect there.

by ashley_messer
Leatherjacket!porn! (sorry I couldn't help it XD) Great crop and coloring there ^^

by janie_tangerine
her first SPN batch...OMG *_* (it was me who dragged her in the fandom so I've been patting myself on the shoulders for days *g*)
Love love the crop of this one and the coloring...the way Sammy's hair turned out...awww ** (and the frangia..I miss it =( )
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