January 27th, 2008

Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
  • lasamy


Here we are, ready for a new episode..which is....Bugs.
From what I know/read/hear, this is one of the most "hated" ones..and I'm of the league XD Would you like to skip it, to join it to the following one ( Home )or the keep this round for it only?
 I'm sayin' this since I don't want to dedicate a round to an episode for which nobody will post..it'd be a waste of time, uh?
This is the poll....for suggestions/insults/hugs...drop a comment ;)
Poll #1128303 1x08 Y/N?

Do you want "Bugs" or we can skip it and go to "Home"?

Man, I hate that episode and i wouldn't iconize it
Why can't we join 1x8 and 1x9 together?
Shut up, bitch. I love it and i'll do a mega-batch just for it