January 8th, 2008

1.07 "Hookman" 16 icons & 3 banners

* I'd love comments/feedback, but it's not necessary.
* You don't need to credit me.
* You can manipulate icons any way you want (add text, borders, effects, whatever).
* Credits: screencaps from bluebear_74  and marishna  ; textures by bea_lost  (005), discolore  (001,002, 014, 015), ewanism  (004), inxsomniax  (006, 007) and meleada  (003); brush by meleada  (001).

(The user pic I'm using is also from "Hookman," but I created it a long time ago. It's also up for grabs.)


Fake cut, because I screwed up the table here.