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1.04 - Hall Of Fame

by agt_bush
I love how the text fits perfectly for Sam's expression

by fuesch
she made some funny icons but this one is so lovely..and true **

by thereisnosp00n
ahah I love how she captured that face! great coloring that makes those lips even more lickable **

by deadwillwalk
just priceless. so damn funny XD

by elle_fo_20
love the crop, the image so crip and the text there..and last, but not the least..TEH smile :D

by kros_21
kudos for her and her first icon batch :D love the crop and the coloring of this one ^^

by shoe_gazing
This is my Dean's reaction to the lack of coffee...just perfect :D

by my_gloomy_world
awesome crop, coloring and use of texture :D

by lasamy
my friend chose this one for me and it's one of my favs too so...

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