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1.03 - Hall Of Fame

by generationicons
Great crop and i like the texture used. very effective..and creepy 00

by fuesch 
Just LOL! "Chicks dig artists", uh?

by ellie_fo_20
Lovely icon of the Impala. Love the crop, the B/w and the text/textures used **

by janie_tangerine  @ rockin_graphix 
Best moment EVER. Love that she used the Zeppelin font :D

by biffyhouse
Hehe perfect text for that image. Dean's expression is priceless

by deadwillwalk
OMG LOL! need to say anything else? XD great coloring too, btw :D

by thereisnosp00n
Great crop there. SImple but effective icon

by lasamy @ rockin_graphix
Oh..it's me! *blushes* I made choose my friend and she picked this one..I did every possible crop of that image since it's so beautiful XD

by imaginary_lives @ wicked_signs
Love the crop and the coloring, so pretty.
Tags: hall of fame

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